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Who is Squecco? Squecco is a highly sensitive, small animal that shyly inhabits the Adelaide Hills.
He requires fresh water, pollution free air, and organic food, particularly bracken and blackberries. All of which are becoming increasingly difficult to find.
This is a story of this animal who loses his family after chemical spraying and is forced to make his own way in the world.

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Read the story of Squecco a mystical creature who loses everything. Join him on his journey as he meets new friends, find a safe sanctuary and settle into his new home.
Who is Squecco? Squecco is a highly sensitive, small animal that shyly inhabits the Adelaide Hills.

This book was written to warn of the dangers of chemicals and toxins in our environment.

This book will show children:

the importance of looking after Mother Earth

the pleasure of having many kind friends

how they can still be very happy even after a significant change in their life

By purchasing this book you will get:

a playful anecdote on a serious issue
new appreciation of the world around us
clear message about the dangers of chemicals and toxins

We need to give a message to our children of the importance of nature and the creatures who inhibit it.

This book will create an awareness of this vital issue and provide children with an insight into the importance of maintaining our paradise of today for the children of tomorrow.

The health of our children is becoming increasing threatened due to the constant use of chemicals and toxins in our daily environment.
If you are concerned about these issues this book will show you the effects this has on our planet and the animal that share it.
Who is this book for?
This story is perfect to increase your child’s awareness of environmental issues and the need to peacefully cohabit with our neighbours.

As the Founder of The House of Healing a family Naturopathic and Medical Clinic in Dulwich South Australia and an immigrant from York, England at the age of 7, Deborah Rugari has witnessed the many changes in health of the Australian population, human and animal. As a leading Naturopath she understands the problems many of us face with the use of chemicals and poisons in our environment. So when Squecco and his friends made known their story she was compelled to part the blackberry bushes within their magical sanctuary and invite the world to peek inside. York Bria is in the Adelaide Hills where creatures, whether native or immigrant are welcome. It’s a place where the eclectic residents live in harmony with their neighbours enjoying the abundance and healthy fauna, indigenous and introduced.

Squecco book cover
Author: Deborah Rugari
Illustrator: Laila Savolainen
Price: $14.95 AUD
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Having purchased this book you too will be excited to follow the future adventures of Squecco and his friends.

PS. Maybe one day you can visit Squecco personally and see his new home.