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Who would have thought that eating blackberries, bracken and grass could be lethal?

But they were…

All the animals as far as Squecco could see, which was pretty far as he had rather large eyes, got sick. Even his favourite frog.

So Squecco bravely embarks on a journey to find a new home. Along the way he discovers he’s a sensitive, shy and much to his surprise an apparently mythical creature.

Join him as he meets Rabbit, Tippy, Matilda Magpie, the magical Mr. Corker and many others.

This is a delightful story to show children the dangers of chemicals and toxins being used in our environment today. It also teaches them not to judge others by their looks but rather by their hearts. With delightful illustrations by Laila Savolainen, children will be encouraged to care about our planet and the inhabitants that share it.

York Bria is in the Adelaide Hills where creatures, whether native or immigrant are welcome. It’s a place where the eclectic residents live in harmony with their neighbours enjoying the abundance and healthy fauna, indigenous and introduced.
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The Squecco Story
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