Who is Squecco? Squecco is a highly sensitive, small animal that shyly inhabits the Adelaide Hills.
This book was written to warn of the dangers of chemicals and toxins in our environment.

This book will show children

  • the importance of looking after Mother Earth
  • the pleasure of having many unusual friends
  • how they can still be very happy even after a significant change in their life

By purchasing this book you will get

  • a playful anecdote on a serious issue
  • new appreciation of the world and people around us
  • clear message about the dangers of chemicals and toxins

This book will create an awareness of the importance of nature, the creatures who inhabit it and the value of friends no matter what colour or creed.

Squecco book cover
Author: Deborah Rugari
Illustrator: Laila Savolainen
Price: $14.95 AUD
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Having purchased this book you too will be excited to follow the future adventures of Squecco and his friends.

PS. Maybe one day you can visit Squecco personally and see his new home.